MSEO: a society based on legitimate rights, equity, justice, honesty, social sensitivity and a culture of service in which all are self-reliant.
Approach, Methodology And Strategy

  • MSEO focus and entry point is the child. Unit of development is the family. Organization of community is the approach, through which empowerment, capacity building and social transformation are attempted.
  • Hence it is a long-term strategy for emancipating the whole community, through interventions at three levels i.e., the child, the family and & the community with extra emphasis on child specially girl child, street child and disabled child..
  • To create positive social change through our path-breaking research and educational excellence
  • development  of  our natural & human recourses
  • Development & improve of our traditional practices
  • adaptation of the new techniques  of  development
  • sustainability , accountability & transparency in all our projects
  • Women and girls must have the right to live in peace and exercise their equal rights as human beings.
  • Addressing all social sectors ( urban, nomads , rural).